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History of the Humboldt Rose Society

Our rose society would never have been born except for the efforts of a very dedicated rose grower named Rose Kellogg, who passed away in September 2001 at the age of 92. She had joined the American Rose Society in order to learn more about growing roses and put that knowledge to good use in her garden which eventually was one acre in size. She loved to share her garden and thought about forming a rose society for a couple of years before she actually did it.

She thought that she wasn't educated enough, but husband Eddie told her that no one cares how you write. She got a list of the 27 members of the American Rose Society in the local area and sent letters to all of them.. She got replies HRS Founder - Rose Kelloggfrom 17 and they joined together in 1963 as the Humboldt Rose Society.

Our Charter members played a large part in our Society for many years as they lived long lives due probably at least in part to their love and dedication to the rose. Christine Kemp, Alan Etherington, and Rose Kellogg, all of whom played a large part over the years in our Society, have passed away in the last few years. We are still blessed with two of our Charter Members in Lida Coyle, and Betty Teasley. Dr. Stan Baird, who joined in 1964, said that he went to his first meeting which was held in Rose Kellogg's garden, and he was won over immediately and charmed by her wonderful rose garden. She spread the love of roses with a missionary zeal, and loved to share her roses with everyone.

Papers of Incorporation were dated November 4, 1984 and signed by Barbara Nelson as Incorporator, and also signed by Joseph Olson, President, and Lida Coyle, Secretary. Our Bylaws were Revised April 18, 1983 by the Revision Committee of Lida Coyle, Christine Kemp, Barbara Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Jr., and Eugene Portugal. Christ Episcopal Church - Eureka, CAApproved by membership May 23, 1983.

The current home of the Humboldt Rose Society is in the Christ Episcopal Church at 15th and H Streets in Eureka. Meetings are held in the church parish room and parking is available on the 14th Street side. The society meets on the second Thursday of the month between January and June, and between September and November. We have an annual rose show which usually is held in early June. We also hold rose tours, pot lucks, and picnics during the Summer, and a Christmas Dinner in December.


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