Roses That Thrive in Cool Coastal Climates

This list of roses is provided courtesy of the consulting rosarians and master rosarians of the Humboldt Rose Society. All of the roses listed here do particularly well in cool coastal climates like the northern coast of California. If you do not live in a cool coastal climate, you should contact your local rose society to find a list of roses that do well in your area.

Roses marked with ** are considered to be low maintenance or disease resistant roses and are recommended for the casual gardener who has little time to spray or prune.

White Roses - Margaret Merril

**WHISPER – (hybrid tea, 2003) White with pink flush; good form; recommended by Stan; available from Edmunds and Regan

**MARGARET MERRIL- (floribunda, 1977) White; very fragrant

**FABULOUS! - (floribunda, 2001) Vigorous; white blooming in medium to large sprays; no fragrance; medium green shiny foliage really sets off the white blooms; recommended by Judy; available from Regan.

**SALLY HOLMES - (shrub, 1976) Light to medium green foliage; spectacular large trusses of pale apricot blooms; very healthy; reaches about 6 feet x 4 feet each fall; can be trained as a climber

**GRACE SEWARD - (mini, 1991) Fragrant; vigorous; beautiful fluffy golden stamens; blooms both in sprays and one-bloom per stem

**PRISTINE - (hybrid tea) Beautiful form but opens quickly

ICEBERG - (floribunda, 1958) Available in a climbing version

PLAYFAIR- (floribunda, 1991) Single

FOUNTAIN SQUARE - (hybrid tea, 1984) Sport of Pristine; very pure white.

FRENCH LACE - (floribunda, 1980) excellent form

MME. PLANTIER - (alba, 1835) mounding old garden growth; needs room

HELEN NAUDE - (hybrid tea, 1996) very double; needs to be sprayed; exhibition quality roses

Pink Roses - Ishpahan

**ISPAHAN - (damask), Fragrant; vibrant growth; bush can easily grow fifteen feet horizontally

**THERESE BUGNET- (hybrid rugosa, 1950) Medium pink; beautiful and hardy. (All rugosa roses are good for hedges or brambles on the Northcoast, except for Linda Campbell which is susceptible to black spot.)

**THE McCARTNEY ROSE- (hybrid tea) Medium pink; heavy fragrance; vigorous

**ROSE de RESCHT- (damask) Deep pink; repeat bloomer; compact dense shrub; very low maintenance

**SEXY REXY- (floribunda, 1984) Abundant bloomer; can be used as a hedge or shrub

**PRETTY LADY- (floribunda, 1997) Resilient; low maintenance, can survive in gardens ravished by deer.

**MARIJKE KOOPMAN - (hybrid tea, 1979) Medium pink; vigorous growth; exhibition form

**QUEEN ELIZABETH - (grandiflora, 1954) Medium pink; large growth; good garden rose

KEEPSAKE - (hybrid tea, 1981) Pink blend

LEANN RIMES - (hybrid tea, 1999) Pink blend; tall growth

FAME - (grandiflora, 1998) Deep pink; outstanding bloom quality and quantity

GEMINI - (hybrid tea,1999) Pink blend: American Rose Society "Members’ Choice Award" for 2005

Yellow Roses - Gold Medal

**SOLITAIRE- (hybrid tea, 1987) McGredy rose from New Zealand; well adapted to climate; hardy, beautiful as show or garden rose; recommended by Gaird and Pat Hamilton; difficult to obtain;

**GOLD MARIE- (floribunda, 1982) Deep yellow, vigorous, constant bloomer

**MUTABLIS - (china) Begins with yellow bloom which change to fawn, orangey-red, and end up crimson; constant bloomer; very easy to grow

**BUTTER CREAM - (mini-flora) Light yellow

**BABY LOVE - (mini, 1992) Extremely disease resistant; dark yellow with yellow stamens; blooms constantly; good garden rose; short stems

GOLD MEDAL - (grandiflora, 1982) Medium yellow, early bloomer; exceptional repeat

ELINA - (hybrid tea,1984) Light yellow; large vigorous growth; large blooms

SUNSPRITE - (floribunda, 1977) Deep yellow

JULIA CHILD - (floribunda, 2005) Medium yellow

SHEILA’S PERFUME - (floribunda,1982) Large yellow blend; very fragrant; exhibition form; flower shape reminiscent of hybrid tea

BEHOLD - (miniature, 1996) Medium yellow; wonderful form; may require spraying

ANTHONY MEILLAND - (floribunda,1994) Medium yellow

Red Roses - Ingrid Bergman

**BETTY BOOP - (floribunda, 1999) Red blend; opens with yellow tint that fades to white with a red edge; blooms in clusters; great bouquet rose

**CLIMBING DUBLIN BAY- (climber) Dark green foliage; resistant to fungal spores; large flowers reminiscent of hybrid tea

**ALTISSIMO - (climber, 1966) 4-5" blooms; blood red with bright gold stamens; large healthy plant; pillar rose rather than true climber

**LOVING MEMORY- (hybrid tea, 1983) Medium red, local arrangements made with this rose have won in district shows

**LOVE- (grandiflora,1980) Red blend

**RUBY BABY - (miniature) Sport of Hot Tamale but with richer color; same great form; vigorous; recommended by Judy; available from Bridges

**ROBUSTA - (shrub,1979) Medium red single with good bloom and beautiful foliage

INGRID BERGMAN - (hybrid tea, 1984) Dark red; World Rose Hall of Fame Winner; vigorous; good repeat

KARDINAL - (hybrid tea, 1986) Medium red; great form; good bouquet and arrangement rose; early bloomer; great repeat

OLYMPIAD - (hybrid tea, 1982) Medium red; great form; medium blooms

LEONARD DUDLEY BRAITHWAITE - (shrub,1993) Dark red; very double large; ‘David Austin’; can be grown as a large shrub or a short climber; needs room to grow

LAVAGLUT - (floribunda, 1978) Dark red; long lasting sprays; great exhibition form.

Mauve Roses - Charlotte Anne

**DISTANT DRUMS- (shrub, 1985) Large fully double blooms; ruffled bronze brown petals with mauve edging; vigorous erect plant suitable for borders

**NEPTUNE - (hybrid tea) Soft mauve with elegant form; better growth than the similarly-colored Barbara Streisand; recommended by Gaird and Pat Hamilton and Stan Baird; available from Edmunds.

**DR. JOHN DICKMAN - (mini-flora)

**RUBY PENDANT - (miniature) grows tall, great garden rose; strong regular blooms

INCOGNITO - (miniature, 1995) Very attractive; freely blooming exhibition style rose

CHARLOTTE ANNE - (floribunda,1993) Single; sport of Playgirl, vigorous

MELODIE PARFUMEE - (grandiflora,1998) Pleasant color, tall growth

MIDNIGHT BLUE - (shrub 2003) Disease free

HEIRLOOM - (hybrid tea, 1972) Great garden rose; may require spraying

INTRIGUE - (floribunda, 1982) Very intense color; may require spraying

PURPLE TIGER - (floribunda, 1991) beautiful striped blooms, slow growth

BLUEBERRY HILL - (floribunda, 1999) Single; nice foliage; wavy petals.

Orange and Apricot Roses - Playboy

**SUNSTRUCK- (hybrid tea, 2004) (2004 Better Homes and Garden Rose) Gold and apricot blooms that fade in the hot sun; dark green foliage; vigorous

**EQUINOX - (miniflora) Orange blend

**HOT COCOA – Orange-brown sprays; very vigorous; recommended by Judy. Available from Edmunds and Regan.

REMEMBER ME - (hybrid tea, 1984) Orange blend; beautiful exhibition form; tall and upright growth; good foliage

ALEXANDER - (hybrid tea, 1972) Rated as orange red but blooms orange on the coast; very large bush; vigorous grower

SUNDOWNER - (grandiflora,1978) Apricot blend; grows well on the coast; may require spraying

WESTERLAND - (shrub, 1969) Apricot blend; colorful blooms; can be grown as a short climber

APRICOT NECTAR- (floribunda, 1965) Apricot blend; large blooms; good fragrance

SUNSET CELEBRATION - (hybrid tea, 1999) Apricot blend; good garden rose, easy to grow, not an exhibition rose

DEE BENNETT - (miniature, 1988) Orange blend

BRASS BAND - (floribunda,1993) Apricot blend; nice in crowded rose beds

MARILYN MONROE - (hybrid tea, 2002) Apricot blend; exhibition form; few blooms


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